We are celebrating growing season by focusing on some different produce and how it can be prepared. First up is corn and its many faces.

When we prepare food, we often prepare it the same way each time because it’s what we know and what we like. Much like learning a different language can change the way you contextualize your world, preparing a familiar food in a different way can change your understanding of that food.

corn on the cob with a comic book style

Corn is a familiar food to many and it is prepared in too many ways to count. Corn is broken down and used as anything from syrup to fuel. So, today we are just going to focus on corn on the cob.

? Boiled with Butter and Salt
Simple to make and familiar to many people this style is savoury and fun to eat.

? Elote (Mexican Corn on the Cob)
This style uses epazote (herb) while boiling to give the corn a more pungent flavour. When cooked, the corn is topped with chili powder, lime, cheese, and mayonnaise.
?‍? Raw Sweet Corn
Young sweet corn tastes fresh with a slight crispness. Just be sure to wash it first.

? Corn Cob Jelly
Remember when I said we’d only be talking about corn on the cob? I lied. The corn still starts on the cob but you have to remove it because this jelly just uses the cob. Left over (raw) corn cobs can make a honey like jelly to spread on anything!

? Corn in the Garden

Corn is one of the items we grow at our Giving Garden site because the residents really love having fresh corn. This year, we have special plans to grow purple corn that can be used to make popcorn for the residents too!