Feature Friday: Get to know the Orange Lily Group team ?‍??‍⚕️

Meet one of our Food Service Operations Consultant and RD, Kelsey! 
Kelsey started with our group in 2019 and jumped onto the front lines in the beginning of the pandemic. Her courage in uncertain times and compassion for our residents makes her stand out from the crowd. We’re so grateful to have her on our team to help improve the lives of our residents ❤️

Graduation photo of Kelsey with ice skates

?Why she loves working with the elderly population: 

I love being able to connect with my residents and their families. I find it rewarding to have the opportunity to ensure the last stages of their lives are the best they can be, whether that is with food or just some good old conversations.

?‍⚕️Professional Goals for 2021:

To improve pleasurable dining in long term care through food and atmosphere. 

?Favourite thing to eat: 

Dill Pickles

☕Beverage of choice: 

Cabernet Sauvignon

?Currently binging during #quarantine:

Anything on Disney+

?Looking forward to most for 2021: 

COVID to be behind us so the rinks can open up! *fingers crossed*