Empowering through food, people, and creativity

A Consulting Team of Registered Dietitians and Food Service Professionals

We are dedicated to bringing ingenuity to food service and nutrition in Long Term Care. Our philosophy focuses on mentorship, diversity and a love of real, good food.

Our team’s professional experience spans over 35 years of food service management, clinical nutrition, and teaching experience which passionately join together to deliver excellence in nutrition services to out clients and residents.

Our vision is to create nourished, happy and inspired communities in long term care and retirement homes and for those living in our community.

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Our Expert Services

We provide professional dietitian and food service operations support through using evidence-based practice and listening to the needs of the LTC sector.


Food Service Management Support

Working together with a LTC home’s team, we go above and beyond to provide customized services that suit individual food service management styles and residents’ needs, while focusing on enhancing the culinary and hospitality experience for residents.


Person-Centred Clinical Nutrition Services

Delivering effective nutrition services in long term care is our strength and it begins with great mentorship. Not only do we invest tremendously in the continuing education, advocacy, and skills of our Registered Dietitians, but also the integral role we play in the training of future dietitians and our participation in the positive transformation of the dietetic profession.

About Orange Lily Group

Empowering through food, people, and creativity

Orange Lily Group is a consulting team of Registered Dietitians and Food Service Professionals. We are an organization based in Ontario, Canada. Our group was founded by Maria Biasutti, RD in 2020 to continue the important work being done by J. Oulton and Associates in the long term care sector.

Jane Oulton, RD – of J. Oulton and Associates – has worked with clients in Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Convalescent and Retirement Home settings since 1987. For over 40 years, Jane grew her company by continually advocating for quality nutrition care while also conducting research and evaluating ways to improve the quality of food services for those living in care settings.

In 2010, Maria joined J. Oulton & Associates as a student volunteer, providing day to day operations support for JOA and Diet Kontrol. Later becoming a Registered Dietitian herself, Maria took inspiration from others to advocate for positive change in LTC, dietitians and food services. It is Jane’s strong leadership and mentorship over the last 11 years that helped build the foundation for Orange Lily Group.

Our Name

Our name comes from the orange lily flower. Lilies are a symbol of love, devotion and motherhood. The particular lily shown in the above picture was captured by Maria photographing her mother’s garden. At the time, Maria’s mother had recently passed away but her garden remained and it grew orange lilies. In a way, the flowers in the garden became a part of her legacy. To this day, the photo reminds Maria of her mother’s love and devotion. As a company, this symbol will continue to remind us of what truly matters: caring for others.   


Our Values

Our guiding values are summed up in a simple acronym C.A.R.E.

  • Connect
  • Act with integrity
  • Respect
  • Empower

Our Process

Our team of Registered Dietitians and Food Specialists provide nutrition care to individuals in our community, through education, advocacy, best practice and innovative approaches. Our work is guided by strong beliefs that reflect our commitment to food security and sustainable food systems.

OLG Values: Connect, Act with integrity, Respect, Empower

Food Services Support


  • Quality Assurance and Compliance Program Development
  • Staff Training, Education and Compliance
  • Staff Recruitment and Training
  • Auditing
  • Enhanced Mealtime Program
  • Equipment Reviews and Procurement
  • Manual and Policies development
  • Menu and Recipe Development

Clinical Nutrition Services


  • On-site Registered Dietitian (RD)
  • Dietitian Vacation and Leave Coverage
  • Clinical Assessment and Policy Development
  • Training, Education and Compliance
  • Cross-trained Dietitians
  • Menu and Recipe Development
  • Food-first approach

How We Can Help

Orange Lily Group helps Long Term Care homes across Ontario provide quality care to their residents through several key areas of focus. 


Quality Assurance and Compliance Program Development

A quality assurance program will ensure a high standard of practice, performance and operation for our long term care homes. We accomplish this by being present, observing, and following structured processes that enable us to identify practices needing improvement. Our years of experience allows us to provide you with diverse strategies to support your home’s compliance with regulations. Now we are ready to provide the same great service under our new name.

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Staff Training, Education and Compliance

With our education programs we are prepared to keep dietitians, food service workers, and other LTC home staff up-to-date and informed. We have hundreds of educational resources and are always making new ones. Our staff training, education, and compliance resources can be delivered remotely via live group conference calls, cloud based document sharing, and in person guidance when needed.

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Our goal aligns with the needs of our clients – it is to support and respect residents’ rights and promote the quality of care being provided to meet or exceed the requirements of the Ontario Long-Term Care Act.

We specialize in food service operations and clinical nutrition auditing to help identify and address gaps and develop solutions to support the quality of life of our LTC residents. As well, we understand that our support in auditing extends to our hard working front-line staff and our collaboration with them ensures our care comes full circle. We ensure that that our team conducts audits professionally, respectfully, and diligently, as we know this is our residents’ home.


Menu and Recipe Development

Orange Lily Group provides professional dietitian and food service support in every step of your menu planning, development, and implementation process which includes the following:

  • Bi-annual, seasonal long term care menus including therapeutic extensions
  • Assistance with menu implementation including the provision of all associated documents including: 
    • Corporate Menu Evaluation and Registered Dietitian review and approval
    • Production sheets
    • Therapeutic spreadsheets
    • Week at a Glance document
    • Order guides
    • Menu recipes
    • Menu costing
    • Snack menu
  • Assistance with site-specific menu customization 
  • Cultural menu and recipe development
  • Recipe development, including for IDDSI and shaped purees
  • Menu and Recipe Nutritional Analysis for non corporate/site-specific menus
  • Custom menu development

RD and FS Education Resources 

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Education Resources

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Contact Us

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