Maria Biasutti holding the Marie Taylor Award of Excellence in Long Term Care

The 2021 recipients of the prestigious Marie Taylor Award of Excellence in Long Term Care, Seniors Nutrition and Dietetic Practice have just been announced! This award recognizes Registered Dietitians working in LTC across Canada who were nominated by their peers as they have demonstrated exceptional initiative and/or have made extraordinary commitments of time and effort to enhance the lives of the residents in the Long-Term Care and Seniors Health Sector. The award has been established to honour the memory of Marie Taylor, a dietitian who was a “visionary champion for the dietetic profession and an advocate for the rights and well-being of the elderly”.

CONGRATULATIONS to Robin Hartl (Saskatchewan), Julie Cavaliere (Ontario) and Maria Biasutti (Ontario)!!!

Maria would like to thank the Dietitians of Canada Gerontology Network and everyone who gave their heartfelt nominations for her to receive this amazing award! Maria is especially proud and grateful for the incredible dietitians that work together at Orange Lily Group to be able to achieve the best for our residents and support the future of our dietetic profession!