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Orange Lily Group is a consulting team of Registered Dietitians and Food Service Specialists who are dedicated to innovating the culture of long term care and dietitians. Our philosophy focuses on mentorship, diversity and a love of real, good food. Our team’s professional experience spans over 35 years of food service management, clinical nutrition, and teaching experience which passionately join together to deliver excellence in nutrition services to our clients and residents.

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The Ideal Registered Dietitian for LTC

A Dietitian Who Is Empathetic to Their Client’s Unique Needs

Dietitians in LTC work with the same individuals over multiple years, making it the perfect opportunity to develop relationships that will direct their practice for years to come. Someone who practices a person centered approach will fit into LTC nicely.

A Dietitian Who Has a Diverse Skill Set, Including a Passion for Food

While providing residents with nutrition and hydration care, Dietitians have many opportunities to help residents meet their unique nutritional needs. Dietitians will help residents through chronic disease management, dysphagia management, wound care, and palliative care.

Dietitians will collaborate with the kitchen staff, inform seasonal menu choices, and ensure a pleasurable dining experience. Those who enjoy working with the food service department will participate in recipe testing, auditing, budget and inventory management, and be able to make connections with food manufacturers.

A Dietitian Who Enjoys Working as Part of an Interdisciplinary Team

Dietitians are key members of the care team, as such, they collaborate with the various disciplinary departments, including the home’s nursing, therapy, and recreation departments.

A Dietitian Who Has Strong Documentation Skills

Documentation is a core aspect of the job. Those with strong communication skills will be able to organize and track resident care through their detailed documentation. On an ongoing basis, Dietitians will assess residents, put interventions in place and maintain current care plans. Those who are able to effectively communicate through documentation will be able to achieve a high level of care.

A Dietitian With a Love of Education

A Dietitian who is an educator at heart will love working in long-term care. Dietitians will often provide nutrition counselling and education for residents, their caregivers, family members or substitute decision makers. In addition, there are many opportunities to mentor dietetic interns, nursing and food service students, as well as volunteers. An effective educator will be able to support optimum resident nutrition care.