The Orange Lily Group website has officially launched today! Take a look around and check back often as we will continue to add new information. This was a collaborative effort involving the core members of our group. The site went through many revisions as we went back and forth over what looked right and what didn’t. I think we landed on something that looks and feels how the Orange Lily site should feel. Ultimately, we wanted the website to feel like our logo does. Both were inspired by free-form art styles that also require a high level of skill to master. Watercolour art can be both passionate and sophisticated, and I think this style reflects the passion and sophistication everyone here at Orange Lily Group brings to their work.

Special thanks to:

Jonathan Conti, Denise Hackett, and Stephanie Isaak for all your valuable input, guidance, and for not being afraid to let me know when something didn’t look quite right.