Source: Alex Lickerman M.D., Taking a Break | Psychology Today

Today, we wanted to focus on productivity. In particular, that rest is part of growth. 

Notebook with notes on rest

Transcript from pictures: 

??‍♂️Rest Develops Strength:
Just like how our muscles need rest to after exercise, our brains need to rest after being challenged in order to become more resilient. 

Rest is not a reward it is a necessity. 

??Not That Kind of Rest:
Sleep isn’t always rest from the kind of things that can cause mental stress.
Vacations away may be a break from your usual environment but your thought are still with you. 

“Wherever you go, there you are. “

“Distraction works when the thing we’re using to distract ourselves is genuinely engaging: something that truly takes our mind off our stress by taking it onto something else.” – Alex Lickerman M.D. 

?Ways to Rest Your Mind:
– Books 
– Movies and TV
– Hobbies 
– Exercise

?How do you achieve ways to rest your mind: 
Creating boundaries for ourselves can help support a balance you need to achieve the best you can be. ?